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Your body deserves the best vitamins and drinks. We provide only top quality products based on organic materials. Live long and healthy.


We provide various taste of fruit juice to suit your personal taste with our healthy ingredients. The quality of our products are utmost important.


Our quality receipts of fruit juices are result of our R & D. These receipts are validated and approved by various health ministry before it goes on market shelf.

Only Natural Ingredients

Comprehensive selection of fruits that are delicious and refreshing.

Fruit Juice Drinks

What’s New?

Sun Up
Ready-to-Drink Fruit Drink

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Sun Up
Fruit Drink Base

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Sun Up Gold Mixed
Fruit & Vegetable Drink Base

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7 Rings
Flavored Cordial

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How It Was

Our History

Having established for over 40 years in beverage manufacturing industry, Universal NutriBeverage Sdn. Bhd. (UNB) has experienced a remarkable growth and achievement over the years in Malaysia. Nevertheless, our inspiration to keep up with the latest global market demand and technology has motivated UNB to develop and launch various fruit juice and premium beverage brands such as SUN UP, 7 RINGS, HOBURY and etc.

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